Your biogas-concept with ENGIE and H.G.S.

We design your plant for flexibility and handle the whole process, including financing, realization, operation, maintenance and repair. We warrant you fixed remunerations for ten years of operation and make your plant ready for the time after the EEG stops its initial feed in tariffs. You concentrate on your biogas production. After ten years, you can take over the entire flexible plant. So your plant is ready for the market and the second round of feed-in tariffs under EEG 2017.


Will your biogas plant be ready when the EEG stops its feed-in tariffs?

Then check today…

  • whether your CHP unit started operations before 31 July 2014
  • whether your plant outputs at least 400 kWel
  • whether your biogas generation has at least 10% of unused capacities
  • whether your EEG remuneration is still running for at least 10.5 years and you still have not applied for an EEG flexibility premium...

… and simply contact us with your answers!

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