Spare parts for gas engines, XChange-engines MWM and rebuilt engines

With us, there are no downtimes

Original spare parts from MWM and other renowned manufacturers

We simply see this as obvious - we use exclusively original spare parts from MWM and other renowend manufacturers that satisfy strict quality criteria under permanent monitoring. Malfunction frequency is low, replacement times short and availability high. Our efficient logistics also safeguard fast spare part deliveries to the customer´s location.

In addition to our central Krefeld warehouse stocking 6,000 items in total, we also run local stocks at our branches in Visbek, Friedrichstadt, Burg, and Ulm that can be accessed by our spare parts sales force. Moreover, as the contract partner of renowned manufacturers, we have direct access to their stocks.

Our experienced advisers provide our customers with competent support in the gas field.

Wether rebuilt engines, spare parts or exchange parts - our fast response safeguards immediate, simpole deliverie, minimizing downtimes.

  • Central spare part warehouses in Krefeld for MWM gas engines and CHP units
  • Local stocks in Visbek, Friedrichstadt, Burg and Dornstadt
  • Over 6,000 items (MWM / MAN / peripherals such as water pumps, fan motors, Kuhse, RMG, etc.)
  • 24/7 emergency and standby services for smooth spare parts supply
  • Online access to MWM spare parts stocks
  • Deliveries of available spare parts everywhere in Germany within 24 hours
  • Overnight shipping with renowned express and parcel delivery services
  • Xchange engines and Xchange spare parts directly from MWM producktion
  • Know-how in specific  old stock cases
  • Online specifications of spare parts

Rebuilt engines / rebuilt aggregates

MWM rebuilt engines and components offer a fast and low-cost alternative. From its own reserves and its access to manufacturer stocks, rebuilt engines and/or components can be used to minimise scheduled (e.g. for major overhauls) and unscheduled downtimes (damage).

Our central Krefeld warehouse – bundled expertise for gas engines and CHP units