Project management, Constructin and Modernization

CHP units and cogeneration with gas engines.

Sustainable, efficient, cost-effective

Custom plant construction for efficient energy generation


Increase the overall efficiency of your energy generation! Cogeneration lets you use primary energy to greater efficiency, irrespectively of whether your CHP unit is fuelled with natural gas, biomethane, or biogas. Delivering the same power, it has far lower fuel needs than conventional energy generation technologies. A CHP unit lets you save valuable natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions

Securing attractive subsidies

Nuclear power phased out by 2020, 40% reduction in greenhouse gases, 25% increase in power contributions from cogeneration plants, and 35% from renewable energies – by gearing your energy generation to environmental policy targets, you can count on extensive subsidies. The amended cogeneration laws subsidize new investments, modernizations and retrofits in heat and cooling extraction. A CHP unit fuelled with renewable gas is eligible for subsidization according to the German EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act - Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz).

H.G.S. – Your specialist for CHP units

H.G.S. is your competent partner for the construction and maintenance of your CHP unit with heat supply from cogeneration. Whether for industry, trade, office complexes, hospitals, swimming pools or residential buildings, our 25 plus years of experience safeguard the professional planning and effective realization of your project.We are thinking today of tomorrow. We build your plant for simple, cost-effective maintenance and modernization.

Flexible all round talents


CHP units produce electricity and heat at the same time, increasing energy efficiency to an enormous extent: With their overall efficiency exceeding 90%, you save up to 60% of primary energy compared with conventional energy generation. And yet another advantage: Your CHP unit produces energy exactly where you need it – independently of the public grid. This technology offers flexible usage options that H.G.S. can plan and install in line with your specific needs.

H.G.S. designs your CHP unit precisely to your needs:

Electricity – The power plant can supply all of your electricity needs or cover only the peak demands. What is left ver can be fed into the public grid, bringing you a profit. Of course, you can also generate electricity exclusively for sale.

Heat – The generation of electricity also generates thermodynamic heat that can be uitlized by cogeneration technologies: It heats, for instance, offices, swimming pools, hospitals, and market gardens. Industry can use this as process heat or for steam generation. Or it can be pumpted to other consumers through a local or long-distance heating system.

Cold– Your CHP plant can utilize cogeneration to supply electricty to HVAC systems and refrigeration rooms. In addition, an adsorption refrigeration machine can convert the heat produced by the CHP unit directly into cold.

Retrofits for heat / cold extraction from cogeneratin

Retrofits installed by our specialists for heat/cold extraction from cogeneration let you too profit from the great many advantages.

CHP advantages:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Power supply independent of the mains
  • Local production of electricity and heat
  • Flexibility
  • Modular design
  • Adjustments to the existing peripherals
  • Climate protectin (reduced CO2 emissions)
  • Protection of fossil resources
  • State subsidization


By analysing your needs to great precision and adjusting the plant to its environment  with great care, we eliminate unnecessary retrofits at the very outset and safeguard the long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your CHP unit. By gearing your plant designs to simple, yet correct maintenance, we reduce your running costs and ensure that your plant operates free of malfunction to the greatest possible extent. H.G.S. plans for the future – so that you can generate tomorrow your energy with the latest technology.