Custom precision: from 100 KWel to 2 MWel


H.G.S. installs only brands of reknown manufacturers. We advise you and recommend the quality system matching perfectly your needs, and that at good value for money. And you benefit from additional cost advantages from our efficient planning professional realization. H.G.S. builds CHP units for all needs from 100 kWel to 2 MWel per unit. From 400 kWel, we can offer you custom solutions with gas engines from our partner MWM.

Your all-inclusive package


Whether you are using the energy yourself or wish to feed in some of the energy you produce, whether you need a range of temperatures, or whether you are integrating the installation in a building or prefer container designs, H.G.S. plans, designs and builds the installation tailored specifically to your needs. We take care of the connections, cabling and piping. We program the controls and install additional components, e. g. gas or emission treatment systems.

Specialists for biogases, too


Biogas-fuelled CHP units  must fulfill complex requierements. H.G.S. engineers and technicians have expertise and deep experience with the various biogases, safeguarding the smooth progress of plant planning and realization.

Reliable financing and contracting


The investments in a CHP unit should be planned meticulously and over the long term. Attractive options are offered by contracting models. Thanks to the membership in the ENGIE Group, H.G.S. can access the experience and financial strength of a leading provider in Germany and Europe.

Retrofitting – new from old


We modernize your installation: for instance with heat/cooling extraction, a new or used engine or a special solution. One of our tried and tested retrofit modules is the H.G.S. control. Developed on the strength of our accumulated experience in plant building and services, this achieves optimal operation with the minimum of wear.

H.G.S. after sales service


Also after commissioning your CHP unit, our specialists will continue to support you in maintenance and repair, modernization and special solutions - this is part and parcel of our services.