By knowing more we gain more.


Whether natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, or mine gas – we have the solution you need.

H.G.S. embodies extensive expertise in all gas types. Backed by our superior know-how and ultra-modern technology, we safeguard the reliable, cost-effective, and exologically sound operations of your plant. And in the field of renewable gases, our customers profit from our experience of over 20 years.

H.G.S. ensures that your gas-fuelled cogeneration plant is always ready to deliver when you need it – for instance, to cover peak loads during the heating period. Natural gas is an energy source in high demand, and the demand and prices are climbing constantly. Our technicians therefore optimize the interaction of all components, reducing your energy costs and obtaining the maximum degree of efficiency.

Good, from experience

Since the 1980s we have been servicing and supervising combined heat an power (CHP) units that are fuelled e. g. with renewable gases. Our technicians have outstanding specialized knowledge of the technical requirements for each of these gas forms. Whether biogas, landfill gas or mine gas, the quantities and quality of these "green" gases are never constant. Toxic and other harmful constituents must be filtered out, and the risk of failure, wear or even machine breakage is a lot higher. BUT: Special gases are nothing special to our experienced technicians. We have the perfect solution to every challenge.