Overhauled engines, sets, or leased plants for fast custom solutions.

Who can say no to that?

In 2016, H.G.S. supplemented its reserves of new, used and thoroughly overhauled engines and sets with reserves of new and generally overhauled sets from the MWM TCG series. From its own reserves and its access to manufacturer organizations, rebuilt and / or used and thorougly overhauled engines and sets can be used to minimize scheduled (e.g. for major overhauls) and unscheduled downtimes (damage).

H.G.S. used plants - you can trust the old

H.G.S. is in the best of positions for customers. It can then respond in the shortest of times when operations require this, whehter during a scheduled major overhaul or following damage. Our portfolio finds its perfect compliment in modern used plants from the H.G.S. lease pool. High-quality plants, serviced, supervised and overhauled by H.G.S.

As you can see, whether used or new, engine or set or complete plant, H.G.S. is your competent and reliable service partner.

You are seking a particular engine or a particular set or a leased plant? You require details on particular types or performance classes? Then do not hesitate – contact us:


Michael Siemer
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 2151 5255 820
Fax: +49 2151 5255 731
E-mail: michael.siemer@hgspartner.de

Jan Völkel
Service Manager
Phone: +49 2151 5255 620
Fax: +49 2151 5255 720
E-mail: Jan.voelkel@hgspartner.de